Governments abusing essay example

The source presented states that as a citizen, everyone have a job and that is to make their voices heard, and they can achieve this by participating in their communities' discussions or their country's democratic voting system. The source also states that without everyone sticking up for themselves and trying to get their voices out for the government to hear, the power that the government has will be “vulnerable to abuse of power” claiming that without, the citizen's voice and active participation

 in their countries' voting system the government or officials will take that power for their own need which will turn them greedy and individuals will be powerless to him, allowing him to abuse his power of authority. The philosopher John Locke would share a similar belief with the source in that they both belief that everyone are the main holder of society and that they are responsible for their voices getting out there and influencing the government. Locke also believed that the government

 should spread his power so that he doesn't abuse it. Citizens of a country have the responsibility of ensuring that their government is not abusing the power that he has because this event will lead to him being greedy and selfish, that will allow for citizens to stand up for themselves and start revolutions like the French revolution, the American revolution or he could share that power with his citizens and allow them to practice democratic activities which will lead to an equal and a healthier society.

 The need for individuals to vote and take part in their country's activities is necessary, so that it could prevent violent revolutions from happening because it is the only way that the government won't be able to abuse his power and everybody regardless of class structure still has the ability and freedom to make changes in society. 

An example of governments abusing their power and the everyone having enough and overthrowing him would be like the French Revolution during the late 1700. The French king Louis XVI ruled France, which at the time had a class structure in which the majority of French citizens lived in poverty while there were a few wealthy citizens like the clergy and the bourgeoisie who were atop the class had more said in what the king did because of how wealthy they were. Since France was going through

 an economic crisis because the king would spend a majority of France's income for himself and his wife, his people in the lower class struggled to make a living. When France hit a high economic crisis he and the other wealthy french citizens had a vote and despite of the lower class having more people they had little voice because of their income level. Louis and the wealthy man all agreed that raising taxes for the lower class would be the best way to get France out of the economic crisis. This

 is where the lower class citizens take a stand because they believed that they had enough of the king for which they took the responsibility of making themselves heard by actively rebelling because they thought that it was the only way could make their voices heard and violence was the only answer. This involved them protesting and killing their french king because he wouldn't give them equal rights. The abuse of the power by the French king led to him getting killed by his citizen this happens

 when citizens took participation and tried for a domestic move which they believed is the only way that they could all be equal. The way the french citizens acted against their king shows that revolutions will happen when power is abused and it is their active participation that allowed them to gain the same equal rights and freedoms as the upper class. If the government of France would've listened to his people and took a democratic approach to their needs then society would be at its best.

An example of a country with democratic rights and freedoms would be Canada. The country is a mixed economy and follows the same belief of that of the philosopher John Locke because they both believe in spreading the power equally and that's what Canada did. By spreading the power into three branches, they are able to keep an eye out for each other in case if any of them abused their powers in authority. That is why Canada is a democratic country because their citizens have the freedom and the ability

 to vote democratically leading to the massive participation by the Canadian citizens. This allows individuals to feel like they are wanted and respected, allowing others to feel this way result in them feeling safe when voting. Since Canada has the same ideology as modern liberalism, it allows them to worry about their citizens first while providing a safety net during times of crises This makes individuals and citizens of Canada feel more comfortable, leading to a better and healthier democratic

 because individuals are given the power for vote freely and this leads to people having their voices heard because they won't have to protest and start violent revolutions to get their basic needs met. As provided by the source the citizens of Canada are met with a basic democratic take in which they could influence their governments thinking through them taking part and voting so that the government could take advice from them instead of just listening to wealthy people.

Another example of violent revolutions starting out because of governments abusing their power would be the American Revolution. The revolution started because the king of Britain at the time had colonized America and had fought wars with the Spanish and other countries so that they can keep America. After colonizing it Britain was going through an economic crisis mostly due to them, keeping America safe from other empires looking to take it and the king spending some of the money on himself. To

 get the money back and make Britain richer again, the king thought it would be best if they taxed the Americans on everything that was imported to them. This leads to the Americans taking action to prevent this from happening because they couldn't afford to get taxed on everything. They started to complain to the king about their situation and tried offering ways in which they could settle things out. Instead of the king taking a more sincere approach he continued to tax things until eventually

 the Americans started to rebel against him because of how they are treated. This was the start of the revolution because the voices of the American's meant nothing to the king who wasn't allowing any freedom to be pursued , this resulted in the Americans rebelling against him. The Americans all shared a common thinking and that was to have the ability of freedom to vote instead the king wasn't cooperating and they took matters into their own hands, which was to start as a revolution which could

 influence the king into listening to them and giving them freedom, equality and tax breaks. Instead of the king cooperating with them, he started a war between them, which resulted in Britain is losing the war and losing their colony of America which became an independent country . In relation to the source the Americas allowed themselves to have a democratic vote so that every person has the right to get their voices heard through the proceedings of a violent revolution.

The source promotes more individuals to take action in making a change in society by taking part in elections and making their voices heard through a democratic approach . Through this a government won't be able to possess all the power to himself, enabling him to abuse it. The source shares the same ideological perspective as John Locke a philosopher who believed that people were smart and rational enough to make decisions by themselves and that a government responsibility should be to protect

 his people and to make sure their needs are met. For if the government has all the power, then greediness and selfishness could override him. Which could be a danger because he may abuse the power and put individual lives in danger. It can be concluded that the source would be supportive of a government that has the same principles as modern liberalism because then revolutions such as the American and French wouldn't happen because everybody would have an equal say and rights as everyone else in

 society. Canada is an example of a healthy democratic country because they offer everyone regardless of income level the right to vote allowing citizens to make changes in society when they don't feel is right about a situation. Its power is also shared between the three branches just like how Locke believed, making the government enable to abuse his power.

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